About the Show

About the Show

Texas has a history of legend with stories of the wild west, the great frontier, and bootstrapping pioneers who withstood insurmountable challenges to subdue a land that was both enticing and unforgiving.

As in any established family - there’s good, there’s bad, and there’s ugly. It all, however, becomes a part of the genealogy and history of what makes that family’s legacy a legend, a family worth knowing, and a family where everyone is loyal - supporting each other through the thick and thin of life. That’s what a Texan is through and through.

Texas is a family created from all walks of life covering cultures from all over the world. Every social and economic class is represented in almost every city big and small. It’s a place where Fortune 500 businesses thrive alongside the self-employed and the unemployed. It’s a place that provides a farm-fresh home-made country breakfast on a cattle ranch, a $5 fast food lunch in the suburbs, and a world-class dinner atop a spinning restaurant with food prepared by Wolfgang Puck as the sun dips below the broad Texas horizon.

Behind every accomplishment, achievement, and even tragedy there’s a story that started long ago, creating the foundational history that helped create the life we live today. Without knowing that history and how we got here, we are in jeopardy of repeating tragedies, losing the victories, and disrupting relational bonds that are necessary for survival and success of any kind.

In being able to acknowledge ALL of our history - we learn that despite the faults and sins of the past, present, and what is to come - that there is also plenty of good to be found in the lives of those who helped build Texas. It just all depends on what you are looking for - because whatever it is, you’ll find it.

There are thousands of historical markers around Texas that tell these stories of our past - some are heartwarming, some heartbreaking; some are funny and joyful, and others are sad - covering every event and emotion of life. Yet they all make up the beautiful fabric of who we are as Texans.

On This Site is dedicated to researching these stories of the past with the hope of creating a better future for us all as we learn about the road that brought us to where are today.

On This Site explores the stories behind the colorful history of this state immortalized by the Historical Markers of Texas - you won’t be able to drive by them anymore without knowing what happened there. Please join us, and help us spread the word as we go into full production for Season One.

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