Our Show Concept About The Historical Markers of Texas

Our Show Concept About The Historical Markers of Texas

Have you seen those historical markers on the side of Texas’ highways? You know, the ones that say “Historical Marker – One Mile.” Maybe you never stop… but do you ever wonder, “What happened here?”

Our Host & Investigator, Lance Eakright, intends to find out!

Lance grew up on a ranch in the panhandle. All his life, he has been riding, roping, and developing a love for this country and the folks in it that made this state the diverse land it is now. He is passionate about uncovering the stories of the men, women, and moments that helped create the Texas mystique known the world over.

Why is learning more about the Texas Historical Markers through On This Site an important endeavor?

Because there’s more to it than cowboys and outlaws, cotton and oil. There’s a chord that’s struck in the human heart when tales of a wild borderland, an untamed frontier, and a relentless pioneer spirit are told that echoes even into the 21st century. What’s this fascination and where did it come from?

Every legend and myth has its roots in the truth and usually that truth is more interesting than fiction.

We’re on a journey of exploration and discovery to bring the stories of this legendary land back to life through the Historical Markers of Texas. We’ll travel the ground, reimagine the events, and talk to the folks who know the most – or might even be related to our characters from the past.

Join Lance on this fun, engaging, educational, and investigative journey of discovery. Through the Historical Markers of Texas, you’ll discover that each marker holds within it a little piece of the past in a landscape rapidly changing to fit a 21st century world.

They serve as an enduring reminder of the many small and not-so-small stories that really happened right here….On This Site.

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