Bio – Jennifer Jodziewicz: Producer, Researcher, Screenwriter for On This Site TV – The Historical Markers of Texas

Jennifer Jodziewicz’s background is in business, marketing, and communications (over 25 years) where she has developed a variety of content for businesses as well as non-profits with a focus on story-telling to better engage and connect with the reader / viewer. She is especially good at research and assimilating information by finding that golden thread of common purpose and passion woven throughout events, circumstances, and life.

She presents content and life stories in a way that is educational, enlightening, and engaging, that also includes ways the reader / viewer can take action now to help improve their life in some way (physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, professionally, spiritually, or within their environment).

She has an extensive work history with ghostwriting and developing content for many different forms of media including script/screenwriting for film, television, radio, video, and book publishing. She is also knowledgeable about (and develop content for) a variety of social media platforms, as well as the creation of ebooks, special reports, published books, website creation, web content, blogs, and articles for printed publications and online media.

Contact: Jennifer.Jodziewicz@OnThisSite.TV