About The Team

On This Site's show creator, writers, host, producers, and crew have all called Texas home, and as a team, we are passionate about preserving the legends and stories that have made Texas what it is today, where that Texas Pride runs deep in everyone born here or brought.

We are pleased to introduce you to our creative team.

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Lance Eakright

Host, Producer

Bob Fraley

CoCreator, Producer

Nene Nwoko

Marketing Director, Producer

Tom More

Producer, Director

Jennifer Jodziewicz

Producer, Researcher, Screenwriter

JB Blocker

Community Communications Coordinator

Now we'd like you to meet our awesome show consultants:

It takes a lot of brain power to help pull a show like this together! We are so thankful for the connections we are making with people who help make this show the best it can be!

We give a big grateful salute to the people below who support On This Site through their vast knowledge of specialties as show consultants.

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Natasha Paris | Production & Funding Consultant
Dr. Gregg Cantrell | Historical Consultant
Steve Baldwin, PhD, Deaf Historian

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