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Fort Worth Historic Stockyards & The Saunders Family Legacy – Texas Historical Markers

We are putting the final touches on Episode 2 of #OnThisSiteTV where we focus on a Texas Historical Marker. This episode will bring history to life regarding the Heyday of the #FortWorth #Stockyards back in the early 1900’s through the legacy of the Thomas B Saunders family.

We visit with the Saunders family – Cattle Ranchers who moved to the area back in the 1850’s and are 7 generations strong – still working their Cattle Ranch and instrumental in the #HistoricPreservation of the Stockyards and the Fort Worth Herd you see twice a day being driven down the brick pavers of Exchange Avenue – #History is kept alive here at the ONLY Stockyards left in America from that era.

‘Grand-dad’ (Thomas B Saunders II) was the first to open a commission office in the historic Exchange Building in #Cowtown back in 1902 – which came to be known as the #WallStreetoftheWest and #WheretheWestBegins.

Thomas B Saunders, Bigote Productions, Cinco, Cowboy, Texas Historical MarkerWe had a blast interviewing Thomas B. Saunders V – aka Cinco – and owner of Bigote Productions, responsible for providing and managing the horses and livestock in feature films such as Secondhand Lions, The Alamo, and No Country for Old Men, to name a few.

Tom B Saunders IV, 1934 - 2018We were also humbled and honored to be able to have the last interview with Tom B. Saunders IV – a man with a wealth of wisdom who has a long legacy here in Texas who began working in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards for his father when he was 12 years old.

“You have to learn how to work just like you learn how to walk.” –Tom B. Saunders IV (1934 – 2018)

Their legacy lives strong in the cattle industry, Fort Worth, the Stockyards and beyond!

J'Nell Pate Barnes, Historian, Author, Texas Historical MarkerOur host also interviewed J’Nell Pate Barnes, noted Fort Worth #Historian and Prolific Author of historical books that capture life from the past. She talks about the ups and downs Fort Worth and the Stockyards, adding to its colorful history and #Cowboy Romanticism.

Teresa Burleson, Cowgirl Poet, Stockyards MuseumTeresa Burleson, Director of the Stockyards Museum gave us some wonderful insight into the Pioneering Spirit that helped build the railroad TO Fort Worth, and the first train that finally arrived back in 1876, boosting the economy and that #PioneeringSpirit of all who lived there.

A bit of that Pioneering Spirit is in us all. #Texans

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Our Show Concept About The Historical Markers of Texas

Have you seen those historical markers on the side of Texas’ highways? You know, the ones that say “Historical Marker – One Mile.” Maybe you never stop… but do you ever wonder, “What happened here?”

Our Host & Investigator, Lance Eakright, intends to find out!

Lance grew up on a ranch in the panhandle. All his life, he has been riding, roping, and developing a love for this country and the folks in it that made this state the diverse land it is now. He is passionate about uncovering the stories of the men, women, and moments that helped create the Texas mystique known the world over.

Why is learning more about the Texas Historical Markers through On This Site an important endeavor?

Because there’s more to it than cowboys and outlaws, cotton and oil. There’s a chord that’s struck in the human heart when tales of a wild borderland, an untamed frontier, and a relentless pioneer spirit are told that echoes even into the 21st century. What’s this fascination and where did it come from?

Every legend and myth has its roots in the truth and usually that truth is more interesting than fiction.

We’re on a journey of exploration and discovery to bring the stories of this legendary land back to life through the Historical Markers of Texas. We’ll travel the ground, reimagine the events, and talk to the folks who know the most – or might even be related to our characters from the past.

Join Lance on this fun, engaging, educational, and investigative journey of discovery. Through the Historical Markers of Texas, you’ll discover that each marker holds within it a little piece of the past in a landscape rapidly changing to fit a 21st century world.

They serve as an enduring reminder of the many small and not-so-small stories that really happened right here….On This Site.

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Do You have a Favorite Texas Historical Marker?

We get asked a lot if there is one particlar Texas Historical Marker that is our favorite, but we have a lot of favorite Texas Historical Markers! That means we have a lot of show topics to choose from. Actually, there have been 3,678 buildings, structures and objects designated as Texas Historic Landmarks (RTHLs) from 1962 to 2012!

We want to thank you, the fans of On This Site, who have contacted us about your favorite Texas Historical Marker, legends, and stories of Texas!

As we work on developing more shows, here’s a tentative schedule of what we have in the works, each focusing on a Texas Historical Marker (with one or more featured per show).

Tentative Show Topics focusing on a Texas Historical Marker

Fort Worth Stock Exchange = tie into Pilot Episode. Fort Worth bumped Weatherford out of the lead “stock exchange” post due to workers not wanting to build the railroad on Sundays. What it looked like then, how it shaped Texas, and what it looks like now.

  • Davy Crockett = his widow, Elizabeth and his son, Robert settled in what is now Hood County in the 1850’s.  If Davy died at the Alamo in 1836, why did she wait so long to come to Texas.
  • Justin Boot Company = Started in 1879 in Gainesville, TX.
  • Charles Goodnight = Partner to Oliver Loving, famous rancher.
  • The Acme Brick Plant = Started in Parker County Texas, 1891
  • Dr. Pepper = First served in Waco, TX around 1885.
  • Cynthia Ann Parker = Mother of Comanche Chief Quanah Parker
  • John S. Chisolm = The story of Chisolm was made into a feature film, starring John Wayne in 1970.
  • Burk Burnett = Famous Texas rancher and businessman – town named after him.
  • Bill Pickett = Born in 1870, Williamson County, TX is credited for the rodeo event of steer wrestling.  Was a wild west show performer as well.
  • H.E.B. = Founded in Kerrville, Texas, depicted still as best store in Texas
  • Hudson Cemetery = Kennedale continues to serve as a record of Tarrant County pioneers.
  • African American Cultural Heritage District = established in 1945 became a stop on the “Chitlin Circuit,” a network of Southern clubs that gave black performers access to venues during segregation. Blues legends such as B.B. King, Bobby “Blue” Bland and Big Joe Williams have graced the stage.

Tell us which Historical Markers in Texas YOU want to hear more about!

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How Many Historical Markers are there in Texas?

There are 16,265 Official State Historical Markers in Texas (as of Jan. 1, 2016). With that kind of material, On This Site will be around for MANY SEASONS to come!
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