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Fort Worth Historic Stockyards & The Saunders Family Legacy – Texas Historical Markers

We are putting the final touches on Episode 2 of #OnThisSiteTV where we focus on a Texas Historical Marker. This episode will bring history to life regarding the Heyday of the #FortWorth #Stockyards back in the early 1900’s through the legacy of the Thomas B Saunders family.

We visit with the Saunders family – Cattle Ranchers who moved to the area back in the 1850’s and are 7 generations strong – still working their Cattle Ranch and instrumental in the #HistoricPreservation of the Stockyards and the Fort Worth Herd you see twice a day being driven down the brick pavers of Exchange Avenue – #History is kept alive here at the ONLY Stockyards left in America from that era.

‘Grand-dad’ (Thomas B Saunders II) was the first to open a commission office in the historic Exchange Building in #Cowtown back in 1902 – which came to be known as the #WallStreetoftheWest and #WheretheWestBegins.

Thomas B Saunders, Bigote Productions, Cinco, Cowboy, Texas Historical MarkerWe had a blast interviewing Thomas B. Saunders V – aka Cinco – and owner of Bigote Productions, responsible for providing and managing the horses and livestock in feature films such as Secondhand Lions, The Alamo, and No Country for Old Men, to name a few.

Tom B Saunders IV, 1934 - 2018We were also humbled and honored to be able to have the last interview with Tom B. Saunders IV – a man with a wealth of wisdom who has a long legacy here in Texas who began working in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards for his father when he was 12 years old.

“You have to learn how to work just like you learn how to walk.” –Tom B. Saunders IV (1934 – 2018)

Their legacy lives strong in the cattle industry, Fort Worth, the Stockyards and beyond!

J'Nell Pate Barnes, Historian, Author, Texas Historical MarkerOur host also interviewed J’Nell Pate Barnes, noted Fort Worth #Historian and Prolific Author of historical books that capture life from the past. She talks about the ups and downs Fort Worth and the Stockyards, adding to its colorful history and #Cowboy Romanticism.

Teresa Burleson, Cowgirl Poet, Stockyards MuseumTeresa Burleson, Director of the Stockyards Museum gave us some wonderful insight into the Pioneering Spirit that helped build the railroad TO Fort Worth, and the first train that finally arrived back in 1876, boosting the economy and that #PioneeringSpirit of all who lived there.

A bit of that Pioneering Spirit is in us all. #Texans

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