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On This Site provides engaging, educational content for culturally aware decision-makers of all ages.

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Travel with Lance to discover what it is that made the story a legend, and how it impacts Texas today.

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Our team calls Texas home, and we are passionate about preserving the stories that have made Texas great.

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The Pride of Texas


Texas is an intersection of cultures, religions, and societies that was worth fighting over…and dying for... and the only place in North America where 6 different Flags have flown. On This Site offers investigative-style Programming based on the Historical Markers of Texas that represent the lives of people whose deeds became legend, and whose legends became mythical stories known throughout the world.

Texas is a place that has lured millions with the promise of a new life, and a new chance to pursue that passion that burns in us all, that same passion that unites us all, and is the common ground on which we can all stand tall – and that is to be an individual allowed to pursue a dream.  Many succeeded; many did not, yet both created stories that continue to inspire the young and old alike. It’s those stories that have created a pride of place unlike any other state in the country. But it’s a pride that welcomes all.

On This Site will dig further into the legends and myths that have built the foundational pride that runs in the veins of every Texan, whether born here or brought. Texas embraces the tragedies as well as the triumphs that have made this state notorious for talking big, reaching for those stars, and living large. But no matter where you roam, you know there’s always a community that will welcome you home – in Texas.

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